Rescue Teams In Afghanistan Disobey Orders To Save Lives

According to a statement released by U.S. Rep Darrel Issa, a San Diego Republican, an elderly American couple from San Diego has been rescued from Afghanistan and is returning home. Several times the couple tried to reach the airport but were harassed and intimidated by the Taliban and not allowed to pass.

“This is a cause for celebration and the result of almost countless hours of work under very difficult conditions,” Issa said in a statement. “Our team simply would not give up, and today it paid off and we got them home. While we have made extraordinary progress, but we’re not stopping until everyone comes home.”

The couple’s granddaughter contacted Issa’s office and reported that her grandparents had been repeatedly stopped by the Taliban at airport checkpoints and not allowed to pass. Details of how his office helped them get out of Afghanistan are not being disclosed.

So far Issa has been able to help 33 San Diegans to get out of Afghanistan since the U.S. withdrew forces and the Taliban took control, according to the statement.

Six families from San Diego’s El Cajon neighborhood, which has a large refugee population, were among those rescued. However, one family that has students enrolled in the Cajon Valley Union School District remains in Afghanistan still trying to get out.

Secretary of State Blinken told Congress earlier this week there are an estimated 100 U.S. citizens that remain in the country that want to leave. Rescue groups and lawmakers believe the number to be much higher.

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