What Happens On Air Force One Stays On Air Force One

Earlier this month two empty liquor bottles were found on one of Boeing Co.’s new Air Force One planes under development in San Antonio.

The discovery of the two miniature tequila bottles on a future presidential jet is under investigation by the company. It has not been disclosed where on the plane the tequila bottles were found.

Boeing has recently had problems with tools, rags, and other items left on commercial and military aircraft, however, this is particularly serious as it involves alcohol and a highly classified jet, which will be known as Air Force One when the commander-in-chief is on board.

According to a spokesman for Boeing, this incident is being investigated and the company is working to improve quality and manufacturing operations.

Boeing’s new Air Force One jets are modified 747-8 aircraft known as VC-25B military variants. All Boeing employees are required to have security clearance to work on the aircraft.

Earlier this year, in court papers in a supplier dispute, the aircraft was described as being “effectively an airborne seat of government” ranking alongside defense programs such as ballistic missiles that carry the “highest national priority.”

A spokesman from Boeing said alcohol is not allowed at any of the manufacturer’s facilities and the company is taking the matter very seriously.

An Air Force spokeswoman said that Boeing informed the service branch about the personal matter and that there was no effect on the aircraft modification work.

The Air Force and Defense Contract Management Agency, which monitors production quality closely and holds “Boeing accountable to ensure the VC-25B program meets stringent quality-control requirements,” she said.

Earlier this year Boeing told the Pentagon that the new Air Force One jets could be a year late and signaled it might request more than $500 million in additional taxpayer funding due to the pandemic and supplier dispute. Boeing originally struck a $3.9 billion deal for two new jets with Donald Trump in 2018

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