Biden Administration Throws Border Patrol Under The Bus To Carry On With Their Agenda

Last week, Fox Nation host Lara Logan accused the administration of “demonizing” Border Patrol agents on horseback by falsely claiming that they had “strapped” or “whipped Haitian” migrants and demonstrated racist behavior.

“What they’re doing by demonizing this, and convicting agents before they all know that these are wild Mustang horses that you use open reins. They know that nobody was whipped,” Logan said.

“This is the absolute throwing under the bus,” she added.

“And this same old tired tactic that just seems to work over and over for them, with a certain sector of the population, who are blinded, willfully blinded or ideologically blinded or just don’t know any better,” she continued.

Logan maintained the use of horses to block the path of illegal immigrants has “nothing to do with slavery. It’s got nothing to do with black and white. It’s got nothing to do with race.” She reported that she’d spent time with the Border Patrol horse unit, riding the horses and interviewing the agents.

“I can tell you these are family men and they want to deal with everyone with compassion,” she said.

“What is the strategy here?” Logan asked. “They have decriminalized crossing the border illegally without addressing the law and bypassing congress,” she said, adding that the Biden administration has “taken away all the power of the enforcement agencies in order to do their jobs.”

Logan pointed out that Democrats used the same tactics when they “demonized” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). “They didn’t go and abolish the agency because they knew that that would show their hand, right?”

“That is the goal, that is the intent, but they like to dress it up with a nice big bow and euphemism.”

All week Democrats and media outlets have misconstrued video of Border Agents using their reins to control their horses as showing the agents whipping illegal immigrants from Haiti.

Vice President Kamala Harris condemned what she described as the “horrible” mistreatment of Haitian migrants and agreed an investigation into the incident was warranted. President Joe Biden said on Friday that the video was “beyond an embarrassment” to the U.S. and assured that the agents “will pay” for “people being strapped.”

During a news conference, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the agents were using long reigns to maneuver their horses and not as whips. He said the agents involved had been assigned to desk duties while the matter is being investigated.

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