Trump Had Things Under Control But Biden’s Border Crisis Is Like A Bad Movie

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio recently said that once upon a time the “irony” and chaos at the southern border would once have been written off as “some sort of movie on Netflix.”

“If I had told anybody 10 years ago that these things would be happening you would say, ‘That’s not true, that’s some sort of movie on Netflix,’ but it is. It’s happening, it’s ridiculousness after ridiculousness; it’s nutty time. I mean that’s what’s happened here,” Rubio said

“And here’s the irony in all this,” Rubio continued. “If you’re not vaccinated and you’re an American you can get fired and you can get denied access to a restaurant but if you’re not vaccinated and you arrive here illegally you get to enter the country and stay. Think how absurd that is.”

The Biden administration has adopted this policy because “there is a hardcore base in the Democratic Party which happens to be the people in many cases who knock on doors, that send them these dollar donations,” Rubio said.

Additionally, he said “these radical activists” do not believe there should be any border at all, “They honestly don’t, they believe in the free flow of people across borders” and “anyone who wants to come and live in America should not be impeded by-laws or border security.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki continues to sidesteps questions about whether illegal immigrants entering the country are required to be tested for COVID-19.

When Peter Doocy questioned her about the issue, Psaki simply answered, “There certainly is not an open border.”

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