Senator Harassed And Recorded In Bathroom By Radical Leftist Mob

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was chased into a restroom by a mob of radicals leftists on Sunday afternoon, where they videotaped her while demanding that she support President Joe Biden's agenda.

While pestering Sinema in the restroom, the far-left activists pressed Biden's "Build Back Better" program on and off for about an hour.

Top responses online to the incident included:

James Gagliano, 29th Mayor of Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson: “This is where, during different times, we’d direct police to halt the harassment. This isn’t 1 Am privilege or protest. It’s harassment. But we’ve stood law enforcement down and this is ‘new normal’ it begets. We should all be disgusted by this — no matter one’s political stripe.” 

Meghan McCain, The Daily Mail: “Harassing someone in the bathroom is really a way to be heard and taken seriously.”

Adam Paul Laxalt, U.S. Senate candidate: “The radical left is threatening and chasing a sitting U.S. Senator around because she won’t bend to their demands. This is what we’re up against. @CatherineForNV has enabled this conduct from her party.”

Caroline McCarthy, political commentator: “I don’t care how much they suck as human beings. Following anyone into a bathroom and recording them is disgusting, intrusive, and creepy. Do not normalize this behavior.”

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Ron DeSantis: “Only in America would an illegal alien be able to attend a taxpayer funded university, chase a US Senator into a bathroom to harass her, brag about it publicly, and be praised rather than instantly deported. Seriously, if an American went to any foreign country and tried something like this, they would be arrested and deported. And that would be fair. Also, the illegal immigration activists in this video are saying that they knocked on doors to get Sinema elected in the first place. How is that NOT foreign election interference, if they aren’t citizens? Did they vote?”

Bryan Dean Wright, former CIA officer: “Dear @SenatorSinema, Declare yourself an Independent and caucus with Republicans. We could use an emergency brake on this madness. Sincerely, [an] Arizona Voter.”

Joseph A. Wulfsohn, Fox News reporter: “Whether it’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Ted Cruz at a restaurant, Mitt Romney on an airplane, Kyrsten Sinema in a restroom, or Joe Manchin at his houseboat, no one deserves this kind of harassment regardless of their politics.”

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