American Citizens Are The Ones Suffering From Biden’s Border Crisis

Del Rio, Texas, residents were asked about how the Biden administration has handled the increase of migrants crossing the southern border.

“We don’t have food to give them. We either feed them or we feed us. It’s ridiculous for the federal government to think that we’re picking up the slack with our taxpayer money,” Bea Vallejo, a Del Rio resident for more than 20 years, according to the Daily Caller.

“We’re supposed to feed [the migrants], take care of their basic needs, we’re supposed to take care of their medical needs. But what about us? When are we going to be taken care of? They don’t send any resources,” Vallejo added.

“And then they tell us they’re going to ship [the migrants] out. You’re going to send [the migrants] back to Haiti… And you lied to us. You don’t ship them out. Yes you ship some out, yes you fly some out… You’re sending them, and shipping them out to another city in the United States. Someone else’s neighborhood,” Vallejo said.

Mayor Bruno Lozano closed the port of entry for several days in late September due to the overwhelming 15,000 Haitian migrants that were camped out under the international bridge, which resulted in Del Rio losing an average of $17,000 per day.

The shutdown of the Del Rio port of entry affected workers and business owners on both sides of the border. Many restaurants in Del Rio could only open for takeout because workers living in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico were unable to cross to come to work. Local schools were impacted as well when approximately 300 students could not cross to attend school in Val Verde county.

“The people are really concerned about safety,” a small business owner said. “People are expecting bad things.”

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