WATCH: Israeli Military Launches Devastating Strike Against Top Intel Officers

On Wednesday morning the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) went to Twitter to troll Hamas after a surgical strike from the Israel’s Air Force that terminated multiple Hamas intelligence officials.

“Our fighter jets, with the ISA, neutralized key figures of Hamas’ intelligence: Hassan Kaogi, head of the Hamas military intelligence security department & his deputy Wail Issa, head of the military intelligence counterespionage department. Looks like our intel was better.”

The IDF highlighted on social media other top Hamas terrorists on Tuesday that it killed on the battlefield.

“We just killed the commander of the Hamas anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir,” the IDF wrote. “He was in charge of carrying out anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. Our aircraft are currently striking additional terror targets in Gaza.”

“This is the moment that the IDF & Israel Security Agency carried out a targeted strike against Islamic Jihad commander, Samah Abed al-Mamluk & other senior members of his unit,” the IDF added. “They were among those responsible for hundreds of rockets fired at Israelis.”

On Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, terrorists rioted in the Israeli city of Lod, setting three synagogues on fire and torching numerous other businesses and cars. Lod Mayor Yair Revivo spoke on the incidents, comparing the acts to Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass where Nazis in Germany killed hundreds of Jews and vandalized Jewish communities in 1938.

“This is Kristallnacht in Lod,” Revivo said on Channel 12. “I have called on the prime minister to declare a state of emergency in Lod. To call in the IDF. To impose a curfew. To restore quiet… There is a failure of governance… This is a giant incident — an Intifada of Arab Israelis. All the work we have done here for years [on coexistence] has gone down the drain.”

“All of Israel should know, this is a complete loss of control,” Revivo added, sounding desperate. “This is unthinkable. Synagogues are being burned. Hundreds of cars set alight. Hundreds of Arab thugs are roaming the streets… Civil war has erupted in Lod… The Orthodox-nationalist community here has guns. I’m imploring them to go back home but they understandably want to protect their homes. Petrol bombs are being thrown into [Jewish] homes. The situation is incendiary.”

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