University Professor Threatens To Fail Students Who Do This

Cornell University condemned an undergraduate professor who vowed to fail students for not properly wearing their masks and further sent an email requesting students to tattle on their peers if they do not comply. Professor Bruce Monger teaches “Introduction to Oceanography,” which is “one of the largest undergraduate classes offered at Cornell,” according to a Cornell spokeswoman.

Monger sent an email to students asking for help in identifying two students who were caught improperly wearing their masks during class.

Monger used descriptives such as “prominent hooked nose” to help students identify their classmates. Rebecca Valli, director of media relations at Cornell, said the way Monger described the students does not “reflect Cornell values.”

“Last week, Dr. Monger emailed the class seeking assistance identifying two unmasked students who had been photographed by concerned classmates,” Valli said. “In the email, Dr. Monger described the unmasked students’ physical characteristics in ways that do not reflect Cornell values. Dr. Monger has since acknowledged that his approach to dealing with unmasked students in class was not handled in an appropriate manner.”

The guidelines imposed by Monger are not in line with the Office of Dean’s guide for students who do not comply with mask mandates. Faculty members are encouraged to remind students to wear their masks or to refer repeat offenders to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Cornell University does have a vaccine requirement for all students who return to on-campus and in-classroom living and learning.

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