No One Knows Who Launched An Attack On Kabul Hospital Leaving 23 Dead

There are at least 23 confirmed dead in an attack on a military hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan earlier this week. Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, it resembles an ISIS assault.

ISIS has had an increased presence in Afghanistan since U.S. forces withdrew and the government fell in mid-August.

Following a loud explosion was heard in Kabul a gunman yelled “Allahu akbar” as they forced their way into the hospital, followed by a second explosion several minutes later accompanied by gunfire as the ruling Taliban government endeavored to retake the hospital.

At least three helicopters, including a Black Hawk flown by Taliban militants, responded to the attack while armed fighters made a perimeter around the neighborhood as Taliban militants set up checkpoints to conduct vehicle searches.

Four ISIS militants that were involved in the first suicide bombing were seen on motorcycles, according to Taliban fighter Mayar. The second suicide bombing targeted Taliban responders.

Mayar, a Taliban fighter sent to the hospital, said one Taliban militant was killed and several others were injured in the blast.

ISIS fighters are the biggest threat to the ruling Taliban government. The group is orchestrating attacks on most days trying to prove the Taliban aren’t capable of securing the country.

ISIS attacked the same hospital in 2017.

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