Man Answering Nature’s Call Has An Unfortunate Encounter With Snake

A Dutchman was on vacation in South Africa when he was bitten on his genitals by a venomous snake while he was sitting on a toilet.

The 47-year-old man was vacationing on a nature reserve when a snouted cobra slithered up the toilet while he was using it and bit him in his genital area. According to a report released by Science Direct this was the first such case ever reported.

The man waited 3 hours for help to arrive before he was transported to the nearest medical facility by helicopter.

He complained of burning in his genitals and excruciating pain that spread from his groin to his upper chest as well as vomiting. His penis and scrotum were very swollen and deep purple when he arrived at the hospital. He was diagnosed with scrotal necrosis and required several doses of snake venom antiserum and antibiotics. He also required hemodialysis due to acute kidney injury.

Tissue was harvested to replace the tissue destroyed by the venom, several surgical procedures were required but after a long year the man eventually made a full recovery.

Worldwide deaths caused by snake bites range from 81,000 to 138,000 a year, however it is believed to be higher because cases in some rural areas are less likely to be recorded.

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