Tensions Run High Outside Kenosha Courthouse When Man Shows Up With A Gun

Police outside the Kenosha Courthouse where the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has gone into deliberation confronted a man who was carrying a rifle Wednesday.

“You’re within 1,000 feet of the school, which you cannot be with a rifle without a CCW. So if you want to be here, you’re going to have to put the rifle away,” a police officer instructed the man.

The man cooperated with the officer without incident while a crowd of reporters filmed the exchange.

Tensions are high as several protesters and counter-protestors confront one another outside the courthouse while jurors are in deliberation. One man was using a megaphone as he was chanting “Black Lives Matter for pedophiles,” referring to the convicted pedophile that Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with killing. A counter-protester knocked the megaphone out of the man’s hand while he was chanting that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.

The entire community is anxiously awaiting the verdict as they fear things could get violent.

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