Angry White Guy Destroys George Floyd Mural And Leaves Behind Something Important

It’s unclear what set off a very angry man in Minneapolis who sought to destroy the George Floyd memorial there but police are hoping that he will step forward to reclaim his forgotten ax.

In a security video, the suspect can be seen pulling up to the memorial site in his pickup truck located just a block from the very spot George Floyd was killed by ex-cop Derek Chauvin. At about 2 a.m. Sunday he drives up in his truck, jumps out, and begins tearing down barricades surrounding the monument and ripping down BLM signs.

The man continues his rampage moving to the square’s shed then suddenly runs back to his truck to retrieve an ax. He can be seen taking several swings with the weapon. As some people nearby notice the commotion they yell at the man to stop, he is startled causing him to drop the ax and take off running.

Just watch what happens in this video at the 3:40 mark


In response to the crazed man’s tantrum, George Floyd Square’s Instagram account shared a picture of the undamaged shed with the funny caption, “We fine.”

So far the suspect remains unidentified and a police report has not been filed for the incident.

Several other George Floyd memorials across the country have also been vandalized in one way or another. For example, a mural getting spray-painted with graffiti in Minneapolis or the one in Houston that was painted over with racial slurs.

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