Biden's HUGE FAIL On The Golf Course Is An Embarrassment To America

President Joe Biden was seen playing golf on Sunday morning and let’s just say that he didn’t impress anyone with his skills on the green. It’s not every day that you can watch the ball go backward on the course.

But considering his inability to keep his head down, the result isn’t all that surprising. Let’s just hope that Biden doesn’t change the rules to fit his favor anytime soon with golf as he does with all of his policies.

Now former President Trump may have lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, but after seeing the state of the president’s golf swing, Trump may be able to even the odds on the course.

Now let’s take a look at Trump's swing compared to Biden:

Now that is a swing. While considering the amount of gold Donald Trump can play nowadays, he would be the favorite any day to shoot a lower score than President Biden. Trump has the edge of the current president with his technical skills in his swing.

Trump doesn’t take the backswing all the way back, which means he could be sacrificing distance for control, but his head stays down allowing him to keep the ball down the middle of the fairway. It looks like he has “happy feet,” but nothing a few golf lessons at Trump National couldn’t fix.

Democratic politicians have a history of their inability to show even a semblance of athletic ability. The President of the United States has been throwing out the first pitch at baseball games for decades. The tradition started in 1910 by President William Howard Taft and many presidents like Jimmy Carter and Franklin D. Roosevelt have continued that tradition.

Back in 2014, Barack Obama threw the first pitch for the Washington Nationals home opener. Let’s just say it wasn’t very pretty.

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