Psaki Tells Whiney Liberals Disappointed In Biden To Drink Their Emotions

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had a suggestion for liberals who were “pissed off” after President Joe Biden’s election bills were shot down in the Senate: “Have a margarita.”

During an interview Friday on “The View,” Psaki was asked about the Senate once again failing to pass elections legislation, her response was that Biden supporters need to press on and “to keep fighting.”

“My advice to everyone who’s frustrated, sad, angry, pissed off, feel those emotions,” the press secretary said. “Go to a kickboxing class. Have a margarita. Do whatever you need to do this weekend and then wake up on Monday morning we gotta keep fighting.”

“And what that means, Linsey Davis, is we have to keep talking to members about federal legislation, that’s essential,” she added. “That’s something that can be permanent. That can make sure people’s rights are protected. But we also need to make sure people are educated in states across the country about what their rights are.”

Following the interview, there was a hot mic moment where viewers could hear someone say, “Margarita or two by the way,” and laughing, though it was unclear who made the comment.

Biden recently held a two-hour press conference with members of the media and made headlines when he said the upcoming elections could “easily be illegitimate” if his election bills, the Freedom to Vote Act, and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, were not passed.

“Oh yeah, I think it could easily be illegitimate,” the president said. “Imagine, imagine if, in fact, Donald Trump succeeded in convincing … to not count the votes. Imagine if those attempts to say that the count was not legit, you have to recount it and were … going to discard the following votes. I’m not saying it’s gonna be legit. The increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is a direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed.”

Biden has been pushing for the bills to pass so there would be more federal control over state election laws.

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