Texas GOPs Score A Huge Win With Voters In These Communities

Republicans have continued to make serious headway with Hispanic voters and it really shows in Texas, where the GOP has increased its investments in Hispanic communities.

According to Macarena Martinez, the Republican National Committee’s Texas communications director, this is the RNC’s biggest investment in the Lone Star State to date.

That investment made it possible to open community outreach centers all across southern Texas. These centers will not be focusing on politics but will instead provide activities such as cryptocurrency training, faith-based events, and fun movie nights. This “primary way of engaging” with voters allows the GOP to be “present in their communities” and get a better idea of what issues motivate voters.

“Here in Texas, we’ve had a number of different things going on, from cryptocurrency trainings to how to start your own business trainings, as well as, of course, speaking about the Republican Party and our mission down here,” Martinez said.

“But more than anything, these are community centers, not political offices. They’re in places that are not traditionally Republican. They’re in places where we feel we can really make inroads with the community.”

“During the 2020 election, we saw certain districts in South Texas as having a promising future for the GOP as we began to see a lot of Mexican-Americans, as well as in other states with Cuban-Americans and Colombian-Americans,” she said.

“But here in Texas, we saw a huge shift to the GOP during President Trump’s second presidential election, given his stance on immigration, given his stance on the border wall, backing the blue, supporting law and order,” she added.

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