IL State Governor Makes Shocking Change To In-School Mask Mandate

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy intends to lift the state’s mask mandate for children and staffers at school.

Murphy plans to announce the change during a pandemic briefing in Trenton. Officially, the mandate will come to an end on March 7. Murphy previously renewed the school mask mandate last month when he declared a public health emergency.

At the time he said, “These requirements again give us no joy, but they’re the only responsible course of action at this time.”

Murphy considered ending the mask mandate for schools last week due to cases of the coronavirus decreasing significantly after a spike caused by the omicron variant last year.

“I look to a time in this school year where we are no longer masking in our schools,” said Murphy.

Murphy faced a lawsuit last year after handing down executive orders requiring students and teachers to wear masks at school. A U.S. district judge, however, ruled in favor of Murphy and considered the in-school mandate “rational.”

Masks also became optional for thousands of students all across Illinois in over 140 school districts when a judge in the state issued a temporary restraining order stopping the school districts from requiring masks.

The state’s attorney general has submitted a plea for an emergency stay.


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