The Democrats' Plan For Woke Politics Is Blowing Up In Their Faces

In a discussion on the San Francisco school board vote, in which three members were removed due to progressive ideology, a panel on "Morning Joe" on Wednesday stated Democrats had a "wokeness problem."

Before panelist Donny Deutsch, host of "On Brand With Donny Deutsch," made his forthright opinion that Democrats have gone too far woke, moderator Joe Scarborough remarked that Democrats have been battling with the Hispanic, Black, and Asian voter base.

"The Democrats have to step away from the super wokeness," Deutsch said. "I mean San Francisco really tells what's going on. You have three school board members that were voted out by 70% because they're focusing on things like changing the name of schools. This is not what voters care about. When it comes to school, they care about are they safe, are they getting the right education … are the schools open?"

"This is a factual political discussion," he added. "If you give the Republicans the ability to point the Democrats as this super-woke culture focused on the wrong things that don't matter to voters … you're going to lose. So you need to step away from super-wokeness."

Scarborough agreed that woke politics is "really hurting" potential Democratic candidates and that upsets liberals just as must as conservatives.

"You can make a strong case, I think, that too many Democrats just don't speak in terms of the average American comprehending what they're saying," political commentator Mike Barnicle said during adding that some voters believe the pandemic has damaged children who have dealt with instability surrounding school for over two years.

"The anxiety in this country, is like a pressure cooker," he said, noting that this tension may push voters to the Republican Party.

President Gabriela López, Vice President Faauuga Moliga, and Commissioner Alison Collins, all of the San Francisco school board, were recalled on Tuesday. Following the referendum, Mayor London Breed stated that voters sent a strong message emphasizing the need of focusing on a "well-run school system above everything else."

"San Francisco is a city that believes in the value of big ideas, but those ideas must be built on the foundation of a government that does the essentials well," the mayor said.

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