Man Escapes Prison A Third Time Only To Make A Big Mistake

A convicted murderer who had escaped from a Mississippi prison three times was found in Harrison County Tuesday after he ran out of gas, according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

Michael Floyd Wilson, an inmate at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility is serving three of eight convictions for murder, burglary, and escape, according to an article posted on the Mississippi Department of Corrections’ website.

Wilson previously escaped from prison in July 2018 before he was captured by police, the Department of Corrections said. Wilson was also convicted of escape in February 2020 and was sentenced as a habitual offender.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections held a press release where Commissioner Burl Cain detailed how police found the suspect.

“It’s kind of an interesting way that he was captured,” Cain said. “He, uh, was riding in a car with a lady that had picked him up and had given him a ride, and she realized that he was probably gonna hijack her car because he kept looking at the gas gauge.”

“And so finally he, uh, when she realized that, well then they had a little bit of an altercation, not very much in the car, but he took the car away from her.”

Cain said the woman contacted the police after Wilson took her car. He also said Wilson tried to outrun the police, but soon ran out of gas.

Wilson will be transferred to Walnut Grove Correctional Facility because the suspect would have “a hard time getting away from us there,” Cais added.

This incident marks Wilson’s third escape.

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