This Is How The Biden Administration Treats The True Heroes Of America

The Daily Caller has just released a new documentary on first responders and teachers in California who are resisting COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Hero to Zero delves more into the media’s portrayal of police officers, firefighters, nurses, and teachers as “heroes” at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ve been chastised for refusing to comply with vaccine mandates, and they’ve been forced to choose between their values and their careers.

“You know you’re just a number, we can just get rid of you and replace you like that,” said one firefighter in the documentary’s trailer.

Back in October 2021, firefighters in Beverly Hills, California, protested mandates ahead of Los Angeles Government’s October 1 deadline for county employees to get vaccinated. According to one firefighter, religious exemptions were refused to him and five other firefighters.

“I feel horrible for those kids that don’t have a teacher right now, but I also can’t give in to what I believe for everybody else,” said a teacher during an interview.

After an order from the California Department of Public Health requiring school workers to produce proof of full immunization or submit to testing at least once a week, California led the fight for teachers to get vaccinated in August 2021.

“Home of heroes,” a nurse said in the documentary. “A year later, that ‘h’ is a ‘z’ and it’s a home of zeroes.”

In January, the Supreme Court heard arguments against two of President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates. While the vaccine requirement for private enterprises with 100 or more employees has been overturned, the requirement for health-care workers remains in place.

“I have children that ten years from now when they decide that, you know, something else has to be mandated, I mean, these mandates are never going to stop,” another firefighter said. “And my children look at me and go, ‘Hey, you were there. What did you do, why didn’t you stand up, why didn’t you fight back?’ I can’t look them in the face and say I did everything I could in order to stop that.”

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