New York Man Smashes Woman In Face With Feces And Allowed To Walk

A career criminal with over twenty arrests since 1999 was arrested in New York after shoving feces in the face of a woman on the subway but was released shortly afterward.

The perpetrator, Frank Abrokwa, told police officers when he was arrested, “Sh*t happens. Haha. This is a sh***y situation. Haha.”

“Why am I being mistreated by the system?” Abrokwa yelled at the judge in the courtroom during his initial hearing, according to the New York Post.

Abrokwa was freed without bail.

A day after the subway attack, Abrokwa accosted a hardware store employee. He was charged with menacing, larceny, and criminal possession of a weapon, specifically a screwdriver. He was released on this charge as well.

Abrokwa was also arrested on Feb. 5, after he punched a bus driver in the face.

In Harlem, he was recently accused of spitting on a Jewish man and yelling, “Come here, you f**king Jew, I am going to kill you.” Afterward he was charged with a hate crime.

New York City’s newly elected Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, pledged he would get tough on crime. He described the subway attack as a “horrific experience for anyone to go through.”

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