Portland Woman Gives Birth On Sidewalk And Walks Away

An Oregon woman gave birth on a Portland sidewalk Wednesday and then walked away from the newborn.

Officer Kirby-Glatkowski and his partner responded to a report that a woman had given birth to a baby on the sidewalk just before 11 a.m. Wednesday and had left the infant where she had been born, Portland Police Bureau said. Kirby-Glatkowski was patrolling the area in search of a serial burglar when the call came through.

“It was a cold day, it wasn’t raining at that moment, but it was raining earlier and the sidewalk at Southwest 13th and Market is no place to deliver a baby alone,” Kirby-Glatkowski said. Adding that paramedics at the scene told officers, “the mother, the woman, was stumbling away eastbound on Market with a lot of blood and amniotic fluid all over her.”

Kirby-Glatkowski and his partner are part of Portland Police Bureau’s Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team, who are trained to work with people in mental crisis. The officers and paramedics were joined by Portland’s Central Bike Squad, who thanked local community members who helped with the situation in an Instagram post.

“My partner and I went to try and engage her, contact her, talk to her, see what was going on. We were able, with some additional resources on scene, get her stopped at about 12th and Market and get her into an ambulance and into a hospital for physical assessment and also address other issues,” Kirby-Glatkowski continued.

Both the infant girl and mother appeared to be in good physical health, both were transported to the hospital.

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