American Journalist Killed By Russian Military In Ukraine

Critically acclaimed American journalist and filmmaker Brent Renaud was shot and killed by the Russian military in a city outside of Kyiv Sunday while covering the war in Ukraine.

A former contributor to The New York Times, the late journalist traveled to the war-torn country of Ukraine. Renaud was driving a vehicle alongside another reporter after crossing a checkpoint when Russian forces opened fire at the journalists, killing Renaud.

Renaud is the first American journalist to be killed by Russian forces while on assignment in Ukraine.

NYT Deputy Managing Editor Cliff Levy noted that Renaud’s assignment had not been commissioned by the NYC-based newspaper, but by an unnamed American outlet.

Renaud won many awards and nominations for his films, which he worked on alongside his brother, and gained notable critical acclaim, according to the Pulitzer Center.

It is considered a violation of international law and a war crime to kill members of the press during times of military conflict.

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