Reporter Throws Psaki Off With Question Everyone Has Been Dying To Ask

White House press briefings are meant to update the media on the goings-on of the president and other important matters. But on Thursday the most important question everyone wanted to know the answer to was whether or not the Biden family would be gaining a new furry member.

Recently the Biden admin teased that a cat would be joining the Biden household along with the family’s two German Shepherds. Brittany Shepherd, Yahoo News correspondent, was ready to ask the paramount questions.

“Any update on the White House cat?” she asks. “Is that something that’s still happening here? Our readers are asking us a lot.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki seemed relieved to be asked such an easy question.

“I bet,” she responded. “I’ve been joking, although maybe it might be true, that we’re waiting for a bad news day for that to come out. If you see a tail wagging coming out of the briefing room, you’ll know something bad is about to happen.”

“I don’t have any update on the cat,” Psaki added.

The reporter later shared the exchange on social media and claims that she asked the question on behalf of Bloomberg News reporter Josh Wingrove.

White House reporters have been criticized in the past for having a habit of asking easier questions to the Biden administration compared to the Trump administration.

After Biden’s inauguration, several reporters asked Psaki whether the president would change the colors of Air Force One. A few months ago, Psaki was asked about the feline by a different reporter during a White House briefing.

In their first few weeks in office, and even on the campaign trail, the Biden team was accused of screening reporters’ questions prior to briefings and big events.

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