Man Arrested After Found With Subway Shooting Weapon

A suspect in the Tuesday subway attack in Brooklyn was apprehended in the East Village on Wednesday afternoon.

Frank James, 62, has been apprehended by law enforcement officials, according to multiple reports.

Several police officers are seen taking James into a police vehicle with his hands cuffed behind his back, according to videos released on the internet during the arrest.

The circumstances underlying James’ arrest were not immediately known.

James had been declared a suspect earlier in the day when officials discovered he had acquired the gun found at the crime scene.

Authorities uncovered the keys to a U-Haul James had rented, as well as three extended magazines, four smoke grenades, and a hatchet, following the shooting.

At the Sunset Park 36th Street station, James used smoke grenades before starting fire. Twenty-nine individuals were hurt, with ten of them being shot.

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