Apple Releases WOKE New Gender-Neutral Emojis

A “pregnant man” emoji, as well as a number of other gender-neutral cartoons, were included in a recent software update for Apple’s iPhones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple released the update in mid-March, which included the pregnant emoji as well as a gender-neutral “person with crown” emoji to complement the king and queen cartoons. Apple also introduced 35 new emoticons to the mix.

The pregnant guy and “pregnant person” emojis were first released in January as part of an optional update, but they were made available to all users with the iOS 15.4 update.

Many conservatives have criticized and mocked the decision to introduce the new emoji. Greg Gutfield, a Fox News host, lauded the emoji as a step toward acceptance for men who have “beer guts.”

“Yes, thank God finally, it’s here. A beer gut emoji has arrived to Apple iPhones with its latest voluntary update,” he joked. “This new emoji comes in five different skin tones, so someone with a massive beer gut can be any shade that he, she or they want.”

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