Mass Shooting At Pittsburgh House Party Leaves 2 Dead 8 Others Injured

Pittsburgh police officers responded to a house party at a North Side Airbnb home for a noise complaint only 90 minutes prior to a shooting that left two teenage boys dead and eight other partygoers injured by gunfire.

Pittsburgh police confirmed Monday that officers had initially been called to the scene for a noise complaint around 11 p.m. Saturday.

Spokeswoman Cara Cruz said that a man who identified himself as the homeowner met police at the door, but “the habitable and visible part of the house where the party was held is on the second floor, out of view of the door,” Cruz said.

Authorities said there were 200 party goers, many of them underage.

Cruz said officers asked the man to turn down the music, and he complied. She said officers told the man that if they were called to the address again, they would shut down the party.

The shooting started just before 12:40 a.m.. Shortly after police were dispatched to the shooting scene, an officer noted on the air, “Be advised, there is a very large party at that 900 Madison Ave. that we checked earlier.”

Authorities have identified the boys who were killed as Mathew Steffy-Ross, of Pitcairn, and Jaiden Brown, a student at Woodland Hills High School. Both were 17.

Multiple gunshot victims were located at and close to the scene and “as many as eight separate crime scenes” were processed by the Mobile Crime Unit, according to the police statement.

Multiple gunshot victims were transported to nearby hospitals by ambulance while many others arrived at local hospitals “both inside and outside of the city by private means.”

A shattered window and bullet holes were visible in the Airbnb, and a nearby parked car was also riddled with bullet holes and a broken window.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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