Heard’s PR Team Canned After They Crash And Burn During Trial

Actress Amber Heard,36, fired her PR team and switched to a new firm after expert testimony in the defamation trial between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp revealed that she has been diagnosed with two personality disorders.

Heard was reported to have cut ties with her publicists ahead of this week’s proceedings, following days of bad press after the shocking court testimony last week. Her decision to hire a new PR team came after Dr. Shannon Curry – a clinical and forensic psychologist revealed she suffered from a borderline personality disorder (BPD) and histrionic personality disorder (HPD).

Both diagnoses are characterized by instability in relationships and being overly dramatic, manipulative, and image-obsessed.

Dr. Curry testified last Thursday that Heard’s BPD and instability were driven ‘by this underlying terror of abandonment.’

The Dr also explained people with BPD may resort to ‘very extreme behaviors as they make desperate attempts to avoid abandonment.

A communications expert following the trial said, “As I understand it, Dr. Curry’s testimony was the final straw. Depp’s team aren’t just painting Heard as hitting him back – they are painting her as crazy.”

“That was too much for her and she fired her PRs,”  he added.

Heard is said to have replaced PR firm Precision Strategies in favor of LA-based consulting firm Shane Communications.

It appears she made the move in hopes of receiving more favorable coverage this week – when she is expected to take to the stand and testify.

‘She doesn’t like bad headlines,’ an unnamed source said.

Another source said the actress is ‘frustrated with her story not being told effectively.”

Fans have come to Depp’s defense after hearing his testimony last week, with a petition calling for Heard to be cut from the upcoming superhero film Aquaman 2 reaching three million signatures on Monday.

Supporters of the actor are pleading with filmmakers DC and Warner Bros to cut the actress from the sequel following the shocking domestic abuse allegations that have come out in court over the last few weeks.

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