Mother Of Toddler Announces Child’s Preferred Gender Pronouns

When have Americans changed so much that children are able to choose whether to be a boy or a girl without understanding what it even means while being force-fed gender-neutral ideologies?

Kyl Myers, author, and sociologist announced late last month that the child that she and her partner Brent Courtney were raising as “gender-neutral” has “chosen” to be a boy and use he/him pronouns.

Myers started to write about her journey raising her child Zoomer as gender creative in 2015 when she described the challenges and joys of parenting without gender markers in a blog,, and on Instagram. She went on to write “Raising Them,’ a book about her memoir raising Zoomer and her sociological treatise.

Sometime before “Raising Them” was published, during one of the family’s regular “pronoun checks,” Zoomer informed his mother that he would like to use masculine pronouns.

“My family does regular pronoun checks with one another. As we’re putting shoes on to head out to run errands, Zoomer asks, ‘Hey mom. What pronouns do you want me to use for you today?’” Myers, who identifies as “genderqueer,” wrote on Instagram, announcing Zoomer’s chosen gender. “Some days I say, ‘I’m very they/them this morning.’ Other days I say, ‘she/her feels good right now, thanks for asking,’”

“We had a pronoun check back in March 2020, around Z’s 4th birthday, that was quite special. I asked, ‘What pronouns are you into for yourself these days, Zoomer?’ And Zoomer responded, ‘I love he/him!’” Myers explained, adding that Zoomer still prefers gender-neutral terms over gendered language. “Zoomer has used the term ‘boy’ to describe himself a few times, but still prefers the terms ‘kid’ and ‘person,’ and just being called Zoomer.”

After the four-year-old announced his pronoun selection, Myers informed close friends and family before making the gender news public.

“Since then, we let family, friends, & Zoomer’s teachers know that Z uses he/him pronouns & everyone got on board & made the pronoun switch,” Myers said. “We caught ourselves using they/them & quickly corrected to he/him. Z told me once, ‘It’s okay. I like they/them, too.’ I smiled at Zoomer’s grace, ‘But if you LOVE he/him then it’s really important to me to use the pronouns you love.’ Zoomer smiled back, ‘Yeah, I love he/him.’”

My 4-year-old doesn’t know what he wants to eat most of the time. How could he ever decide on if he wants to be a boy or a girl while understanding the choice he made. It just doesn’t make any sense.

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