Fake Model Sued By Ex-BF For Using His Money To Make OnlyFans Content

An OnlyFans and Instagram star is now facing some legal troubles after being accused of taking some sexy snaps of her now EX-boyfriend mansion and yacht.

Mogul Stephen J. Cloobeck, 59, made the amazing claims against his 26-year-old ex-girlfriend Stefanie Gurzanski who he labeled as a “con artist” in a restraining order application and lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles court.

The businessman claimed his younger ex-partner tricked him into believing she was a legitimate fashion model.

In reality, he claims she made her living selling content on racy subscription site OnlyFans, using his lavish lifestyle as a glamorous backdrop for her X-rated shoots.

The millionaire claims he spent lavishly on his new girlfriend, buying expensive jewelry, paying for parties, taking trips on his private jet as well as paying her lease for a luxury apartment in upmarket Beverly Hills.

Mr. Cloobeck claims that Ms. Gurzanski deceived him into believing that she was a legitimate fashion model’ by using mocked-up fashion shoots that were never published and paying to place her image on the cover of foreign magazines.

The restraining order reads: “In one of the most egregious, but by no means only, examples of this disrespectful intrusion into Cloobeck’s private life, Gurzanski posed topless wearing a yarmulke from his son’s bar mitzvah.

“Many of the OnlyFans and social media photographs published by Gurzanski feature Cloobeck’s fixtures, furnishings, and luxury goods.”

“On occasion, she secretly posed in the nude while Cloobeck’s teenage daughter and staff were in the house.”

Mr. Cloobeck claims the OnlyFans pictures taken on his property represent an invasion of privacy.

He says their relationship began to unravel after he discovered the true nature of her modeling.

For research purposes, I took a glance at Gurzanski’s Instagram account and it’s a sight for sore eyes. That much is for sure.

At the same time, I’m not sure Cloobeck’s lawsuit has legs. I think by a lot of standards, having 1.8 million followers on Instagram means you can call yourself an Insta model at a bare minimum.

As for the alleged photos for OnlyFans at his house and on his plane, that’s kind of on him. If you don’t fully vet the woman you’re with and she decides your mansion is a great place for some saucy snaps for the adult entertainment site, then I don’t know what to tell you.

If you can sue ex-girlfriends for allegedly conning you, the floodgates might be open for men around America.

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