Joe Rogan Goes On An Epic Rant About Liberal Hollywood

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” finally weighed in about his Hollywood past with the hosts of “Breaking Points” on their podcast which offers a fresh take on politics without the mass media’s narratives.

Rogan explained the troubling culture within Hollywood, a place where insecure people flock to be rejected over and over again.

“You wanna say the things that people are gonna wanna hear so they’ll cast you,” Rogan says.

“I’ve been in rooms where they discuss politics right away, and you see people bend to whichever way the wind is blowing,” he says of hopeful stars and starlets, desperate for a break. “They don’t have opinions…. what they have is a conglomeration of opinions they’ve adopted because they think it’ll be good for their careers.”

“The entire mindset of that part of the country is doing things that you think other people will like,” he explains. “Imagine a Hellscape of a world where everyone in the business, one business, everyone is liberal? How is that possible … when the country is basically divided 50/50?”

“It’s not possible, because it’s not really opinions,” he explains. “They’re willing to not have any opinions on anything else other than feeding narcissism, feeding this career that seems … impossible to achieve.”

“What are the odds you make it? It’s so small,” he adds.

Rogan argues that for many actors it’s all a facade to stay employed so they continue to appear liberal while shouting progressive arguments over social media.

“They adopt these liberal sensibilities and ideologies. They don’t necessarily do it because they’ve thought these things through. Occasionally you have your Mark Ruffalo type characters who are ‘all in,’” he says on progressivism. “Most of them are not. Most of them are nonsense people who will get on stage .. they’ll talk about, ‘this is what we have to do. We have to support this and that.’ It’s horsesh**.”

Rob Schneider offered a surprising answer after a Twitter user asked him if his fellow celebrities are exhausted by the “leftist orthodoxy,” which indirectly weighed in on what Rogan explored via Twitter.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum increasingly sounds aghast at both woke culture and Hollywood’s lockstep liberalism. So when a fellow Twitter user asked him if his fellow celebrities are exhausted by “leftist orthodoxy,” Schneider offered a surprising answer.

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