Family Makes A Horrific Discovery Inside Man’s Luggage

After a woman’s gruesome remains were found by relatives in Chicago, a 30-year-old man from Kentucky has been arrested.

A local news station from Markham, Illinois, reported that the police have issued a statement concerning Melvin Martin Jr, 30 that he is being charged as a fugitive fleeing prosecution, and faces an extradition hearing back in Kentucky. Martin has been visiting relatives in suburban Chicago after catching a bus from Louisville over the past few days.

During his statement, Police Chief Terry white informed WBBM-TV that Martin Jr “brought with him two, or three bags.”

“There were some early reports of a foul odor coming from the bags,” White also added during the statement. During questioning, relatives told investigators that Mr. Martin kept asking for clothing, but never opened any of his own luggage.

A relative was responsible for making the gruesome discovery after opening one of the bags finding the body parts of a female while Martin was at a public library. Police later found the rest of the deceased body parts, including her head in other bags. According to the police, the victim who was also from Louisville had perished from the results of a domestic assault.

The police have determined that her body was dismembered at least a month before. The following day police found other body parts belonging to the woman in a Louisville park after given the location.

The name of the dismembered woman was not immediately released until authorities locate her next of kin.

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