Fourth Of July Is Ruined When A Huge Explosion Sends Beachgoers Running For Cover

Some beachgoers were (un)lucky enough to get an extra dose of near-death experiences on the 4th of July when a large portion of their fireworks went up in flames creating chaos and confusion.

A truck delivering a load of fireworks in Ocean City accidentally set them off that Sunday AM, terrifying innocent bystanders who were in the area. Ultimately it merely served as a preview of what was to come.

The Ocean City Fire Dept. made a statement saying, “There was an unintentional discharge of fireworks that were being set up on the beach for the Town’s fireworks show.” They added, “During the unintentional discharge, employees of the fireworks company received minor injuries and refused transport to the hospital by Ocean City Paramedics.”

No serious injuries were reported but this really could have turned ugly fast.

This incident follows the LAPD bomb squad attempting to dispose of thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks but accidentally blew up a truck in a southside neighborhood instead.

Just remember to be extra careful around BBQ and explosives and leave blowing stuff up to the professionals.

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