Trump To Launch New Social Media Platform After Meetings With Several Companies

It has been months since former President Donald Trump has been on any social media, and I for one kind of miss seeing those statements from him. With his use of social media, it felt like he was closer to the American people than any president has been before. After a recent interview on Fox News, an advisor to Trump made a revelation to Howard Kurtz. It has been reported that after hosting numerous meetings with companies at Mar-a-Lago that “former” President Donald Trump is preparing to launch his own social media platform.

“The fact that the president’s been off of social media for a while because of his press releases, his statements have actually been getting almost more play than he ever did on Twitter before,” adviser Jason Miller claimed. “I’m not sure if that’s because the length of them are a bit longer. [We] even had one reporter say that she thought it was much more elegant, the way that the president was able to communicate his thoughts and very much looked more presidential in that longer form.”

“But I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform,” he continued. “And this is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It’s going to completely redefine the game and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does. But it will be his own platform.”

Miller said Trump has had “a lot of high-powered meetings” at Mar-a-Lago with “numerous companies” about creating a platform that he hopes will bring in “tens of millions of people.”

After listening to this interview, it brings my hopes back up. Once Trump releases his own platform that will be the embodiment of free speech compared to the likes of Twitter, or Facebook. He will be finally free of censorship and be able to control his own narrative within the media. This could be the step needed to stop the spread of the media when it comes to the smear campaigns in politics.

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