Border Patrol Told To Prepare For The Worst Ahead Of Title 42’s Retraction

Officials at the border have been warned to brace themselves for waves of more than 1,000 migrant families every day until President Joe Biden’s Title 42 is eliminated by the end of July. According to a senior official, the Biden administration is preparing for the policy’s termination by alerting border agents to be ready for extremely high volumes of families every day.

Until then migrants that have crossed the border are released into the country and allowed to roam free. Agents across several immigration offices are now preparing for the worst at the border.

Former President Donald Trump presented Title 42, meant to eject migrants from the United States during the COVID pandemic, during his time in the White House

“Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and customs officers are stretched thin trying to protect and secure our border,” a senior official said. “Asking them to process roughly 6,000 people a week undoubtedly strain already thin resources and increase human trafficking and drug smuggling.”

“All of these people will become permanent residents,” a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official told Free Beacon. “There’s no political will from the Biden administration to deport families once they’re already admitted. The White House knows that. The end of Title 42 will result in de facto open borders.”

Agents are also worried about the new COVID-19 delta variant. They fear the Biden administration’s end to these policies meant to ensure public health, like Title 42, will backfire and send the country into the depths of a second pandemic.

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