DoorDash Driver Violates Police Officer's Food And Brags Online

When did our nation's police become the bad guys? Aren’t they the ones you call in the time of need? The way they are being targeted and treated is despicable on so many different levels. Even now Brooklyn police have been targeted after a DoorDash delivery driver posted a video of him contaminating food that he was delivering to the police headquarters. The driver was so proud of his dispicable actions that he added a note under the food that read, “Hope that d*** taste good b****!”

The video featured a screenshot from the DoorDash app telling the driver to deliver the order from Chipotle to the 61st Precinct’s station house on Coney Island Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.

The New York Post reported on the original video posted by the user:

“Ya kno I’m bout to violate the s–t out this order 61st precient [sic],” the video, posted by a user with the handle “So Certified,” was captioned. “I dreamed of moments like this,” it continued. “god u been so good to me like idk how to re pay u.”

“The contamination may be retaliatory in nature as the driver posted a message to his Facebook page saying: ‘This is a Facebook public announcement, I don’t violate people food like that … that was personal. we at war,’” PJ Media added.

DoorDash has since issued a statement to NBC New York about the incident: “This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and has no place in our community. We take the trust and respect of merchants, customers, and Dashers extremely seriously. We have deactivated the Dasher and have reached out to the customer involved.”

Laurie Schalow, Chipotle’s chief corporate affairs officer, added in a statement that “the actions displayed by this third-party delivery driver are inexcusable, and we’ve ensured our delivery partner has deactivated the individual’s account,” Fox News reported.

Fox News surmised, “The driver used his hands and genitalia to ‘violate’ the order,” adding, “Police sources said it wasn’t immediately clear whether the cop for whom the order was intended sampled the food before realizing it had been tampered with.”

It’s no wonder that police have resigned in massive numbers after the events of last year leading to today.

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