Trump Want To Keep Politics Out Of Sporting Events

Protesting during sporting events isnt exactly something new, but it has been a main topic since Gwen Berry and our women’s national soccer team brought it to the forefront. Prior to the USWNT’s embarrassing loss to Sweden, several players from both teams took a knee while on the field “in solidarity with the equality movement and against the oppression of people of color."

Former President Donald Trump isn’t a fan and disagreed with American Olympic athletes who are using this event to protest.

Well, the former president thinks athletes who protest while representing America are “disgraceful.”

“I think they’re disgraceful. I think woke is really a loser’s philosophy, and you take a look at what happened with the women’s soccer team. They lost to Sweden. Woke means lose, and that’s exactly what’s happening,” Trump said during a recent interview with Benny Johnson, who used to work with me back in 2018. 

Athletes protesting while playing a game is not what fans want to see. No matter the sport, people pay to watch their teams and players do one thing, compete.

Clearly, some athletes just don’t agree with that.



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