WATCH: Senator Warren Blames Trump’s Republicans For Everything Wrong With California

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) pulled out the same classic tactic of blaming the other side of the political aisle when she appeared in the new ad for Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom in an attempt to stop the intense recall election in his state.

In the ad, Warren blamed the recall on “Trump’s Republicans” alleged attack on election results and the right to vote for undocumented “Americans.”

The ad stated:

Here’s the deal with the recall of Gavin Newsom.

We’ve seen Trump Republicans across the country attacking election results and the right to vote. Now, they’re coming to grab power in California, abusing the recall process and costing taxpayers millions.

Here’s how we stop them.

Every Californian will get a mail-in ballot for the September 14th election. Vote ‘no’ to protect California and our democracy.

Stop the Republican recall.

Newsom cast blame on Republicans with his efforts to get Californians vaccinated this week. Apparently, everything wrong in California is all due from the red section of the state.

“When asked by MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin why 25 percent of Californians remain unvaccinated in the face of a Delta variant spike, Newsom pointed to ‘misinformation by right wing pundits, period, full stop,’” according to Politico.

“I watch them. I listen. I pay attention. They are misinforming people. They’re literally putting people’s lives at risk. People are dying,” Newsom said. “…There’s been a right wing talking point here and it’s overwhelmingly coming from certain networks and it’s having an impact on getting this disease behind us.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Monday, Newsom made a comparison between people who are not vaccinated and “drunk drivers” during an interview on CNN.

“Is it time governor to bring back a universal mask mandate, regardless of vaccination status there in California?” CNN anchor Victor Blackwell asked.

“Look, we don’t even have to have that debate. If we can just get everybody vaccinated that’s not vaccinated, that’s refusing to get vaccinated, that’s living vaccine free and impacting the rest of us,” Newsom responded. “It’s like drunk drivers. You don’t have the right to go out and drink and drive and put everybody else at risk, including your own life at risk.”

Watch the ad:

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