WATCH: DeSantis’ Reaction To Biden’s Petty Remark Is Hilarious

Over one million people have seen a video that went viral showing the latest round in the battle of words between President Joe Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over COVID-19 measures.

When the president commented on the increased incidence of COVID-19 in places like Florida and Texas that are opposed to wearing a mask and administering vaccines, DeSantis took offense.

In other words, although Biden did not name any names, he added “Some governors aren’t willing to do the right things to make this happen.”

The Floridan DeSantis defended his positions on Wednesday, saying: “This is a guy who ran for president saying he was gonna ‘shut down the virus’. And what has he done?

“He’s imported more virus from around the world by having a wide-open southern border.” Due to Biden opening up our borders to illegal immigrants and causing the worst border crisis that America has ever faced.

When Biden was asked what he thought of DeSantis’ comeback, the president replied: “Governor who?”

DeSantis referred to the southern border again in responding to Biden’s barb, telling an event at Chipola College in Marianna: “I guess I’m not surprised that Biden doesn’t remember me. I guess the question is ‘What else has he forgotten?’

“Biden’s forgotten about the crisis at our southern border, I can tell you that.”

“Biden has forgotten about the inflation that’s biting the budgets of families all throughout our country.”

“Biden has forgotten about the demonstrators who are fighting for freedom down in Cuba.”

“Biden’s even forgotten about the constitution itself, as we saw with what he did with this moratorium,” he added, “I’m the ‘Governor who’ protects parents and their ability to make the right choices for their kid’s education.”

A video of DeSantis’ new statements, which was uploaded by the Daily Caller, had received over a million views by Saturday morning.

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