Maxine Waters Pushes For Even More COVID Vaccine Mandates

During a national interview, U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, the democratic representative of California, stated that due to the recent COVID-19 spikes that the nation could be faced with a new mandatory vaccination policy that could “save lives.”

Waters stated in an interview with FOX 11 News anchor Elex Michaelson on Thursday, that additional immunizations are needed to stop it.

During a fundraiser that Michaelson was hosting and at which Waters was a featured speaker, the congresswoman struck into a conversation with Michaelson. He took part in the discussion on social media and posted it there.

“I think we’re moving toward a mandate. This is very dangerous,” said Waters. “And I think we’re finding that people are dying, and younger people are being attacked by this virus. And so I think we’re going to have to be very careful. We’re going to have to be dedicated to the proposition that we’re going to get everybody vaccinated, and that we’re going to stop what I think could be a lot of deaths that would take place without doing it.”

A partial transcript of the conversation is as follows:

MICHEALSON: What does a mandate look like? The governor [California Governor Gavin Newsom] just today talking about that all health care workers are going to have to get vaccinated to work in this state. Should that be extended to other industries?

WATERS: Well, certainly health care workers should be vaccinated. It is unbelievable that we had health care workers that were not vaccinated, and so that is a must. And the Congress of the United States, I think we should also have the mandate that you must be vaccinated, that you must wear the masks, we must social distance, because again, the Delta variant is a [killer].

The state’s public health officer issued an executive order on Thursday ordering most health-care employees to be completely vaccinated or to obtain their second shot by the end of September, according to the Associated Press.

Workers who perform services in a variety of health-care settings, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, skilled nursing facilities, and adult daycare centers, are included under this provision.

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