HILLARIOUS Video Shows Drunk Man’s Adventure Through Airport

A strange incident that took place in Moscow’s Airport Russia has everyone laughing except for the man in this video.

The apparently drunk man was trying to board his flight when he got lost in an airport carousel.

It all happened in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport, Russia, where the drunk man got turned around and ended up in the airport’s baggage carousel.

The whole thing was captured on video that has since gone viral.

According to reports, the man was making an effort to reach the runway by way of the baggage carousel. The allegedly drunk man became disoriented and took a long detour on the conveyer belt.

As shown in the video, the man walks into the carousel with his bags before going the wrong way towards the conveyor belt. He stumbled, lost his footing then fell over at the crossing and lost his footwear in the process.

After his bag got stuck on a handrail, he went on an unexpected conveyor belt ride. When he tried to free his bag, one of the carousels caused him to fall down. He eventually made his way to the baggage screening checkpoint where he was greeted by security and arrested. The video of the incident has gone viral causing the Ministry of Internal Affairs to issue a statement that on July 28th, the duty manager of the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Internal Affairs at Sheremetyevo Airport received word that an unidentified man was on the baggage belt on the third floor of Terminal D, and had entered the sorting room by way of the carousels. The man, a Yalta City resident, was accused of allegedly breaking airport security procedures.

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