Disgusting Video Shows Activist Beating Up Homeless Man Outside Walmart

A peace activist was seen on camera attacking a homeless guy outside a business in St. Paul, Minnesota, according to a video shared Thursday by a local crime watch Facebook page.

Video of the peace activist's actions has been recorded and shows him striking and kicking the homeless man who was sitting up against a cinderblock wall. A bystander who witnessed the altercation recounted to the police officer: “That's not community peace over there.” The man then picked up a homeless man and started hitting him before he threw him aside.

It appears the homeless man instigated the confrontation by putting his hand on the activist, according to the video footage. While pushing the homeless man's shoulder in the direction of the road, he ordered him, “Scram, bitch.” before lifting him up by the back of his shirt and tossing him into the parking lot.

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on me. I’m going to toss your ass back out on the street again, go,” the peace activist told the homeless man as he tried to gather his belongings.

The homeless man told the police that he would return to the business to kill him, as seen in the video.

A peace activist wearing a red “We Push For Peace” shirt was on site when the organization, instead of armed police officers, handled situations in St. Paul, Alpha News reported on Monday. After they found out about the incident, the organization fired the peace activist.

The news agency Kare 11 recently reported that our organization, We Push For Peace, cooperated with the supermarket, Cub Foods, in lieu of providing armed security at some of the sites in the region. The homeless man was accused of shoplifting and fought with the peace activist.

We Work For Peace issued a statement in which they supported the claims of their former employee, who claimed that the homeless guy began the brawl after examining video proof of the incident. It was said that an officer from the St. Paul Police Department visited with the homeless man following the event, as crime watch Minnesota reported.

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