Man With Explosive-Packed Truck Arrested After A Deadly Stand-Off With Capitol Police

After an hours-long standoff on the Capitol grounds, near the Library of Congress, the US Capitol Police confirmed that they had apprehended a man who claimed to be driving an explosive-laden truck.

The man was apprehended Thursday afternoon at about 2:15 p.m. following a standoff with law enforcement personnel from Capitol Police and other federal agencies. According to Fox News, the individual was publicizing his bomb threats through Facebook.

Facebook has stated in its own statement on Thursday that they removed the suspect's Facebook Live feed immediately after discovering it.

“We are in contact with law enforcement,” a spokesperson told Politico. “Our teams are working to identify, remove, and block any other instances of the suspect’s videos which do not condemn, neutrally discuss the incident or provide neutral news coverage of the issue.”

Police haven't determined yet if the individual who was said to have "ammonium nitrate" sufficient to level two city blocks had explosives or not. Investigators are attempting to discover whether the suspicious device in the pickup truck is an operational explosive and whether the individual in the truck was holding a detonator.

“The suspect who authorities say claimed to have a bomb in his pickup truck Thursday morning surrendered to police and is in their custody hours after parking his vehicle in front of Washington, D.C.’s Library of Congress – prompting evacuations and lockdowns in the area,” the outlet reported.

Shortly after police received a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the area of Independence Avenue and First Street, officials stated, “The suspect was taken into custody at approximately 2:15 p.m. local time – approximately five hours after police received the report of the vehicle,” Fox reported. The federal officials, speaking to the media, also confirmed that they had searched the suspect's North Carolina house for any evidence.

Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger stated that the suspect recently endured “losses of the family” and that authorities were in contact with the suspect's relatives.

“The driver of the truck told the responding officer on the scene that he had a bomb. And what appeared, the officer said, appeared to be a detonator in the man’s hand,” Manger told media. “We immediately evacuated the nearby buildings.”

“As far as we can tell it was just his decision to surrender,” Manger added.

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