Will Cain Reveals The President’s True Intentions During Primetime Segment

Will Cain, anchor of Fox News’ “Primetime,” revealed the Biden Administration’s true intentions on Wednesday after he announced that mandatory vaccines, masks, and booster doses for all American adults were a blatant diversion from President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal.

“This speech was a complete dereliction of duty for the President of the United States to ignore the fall of Afghanistan and his abandonment of tens of thousands of Americans to the Taliban,” Cain said, beginning his monologue.

Despite the guidance for mask regulations from the CDC is based on a study rejected by peer review, Biden put forward the concept of required masks, immunizations, and boosters on Wednesday.

“It only makes sense to require a vaccine that prevents the spread of COVID-19,” Biden said, following with “we need to make sure children are wearing masks in school” and “the plan is for every adult to get a booster shot, eight months after you got your second shot.”

“We have to deal with the anti-science tyranny that is falling over America,” Cain said in response. “There is no science to back up what Joe Biden just said, just a proclamation from the CDC.”

“This is an experiment playing out in real time and we’re the guinea pigs,” Cain claimed. “It may well work, but the push for a third shot is not science, it is proclamation, it is an edict by experts. In America, we’ve replaced science with experts.”

“Israel is the gold standard in data, they are absolutely the best place to mine data on this planet” Cain said. Israel recently began issuing booster shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the first in the world to do so despite, according to Cain, the Pfizer studies being “incomplete.” However, “one study there does suggest higher antibody levels but it’s too soon to know,” he continued.

“Science is full of questions and often those questions do not have answers. Expertise on the other hand, is a conclusion, it’s full of hubris incapable of acknowledging its own mistakes. Experts are full of answers, often without questions” Cain said, “it’s a constant appeal to authority, it’s become a religious doctrine and the high priest is Tony Fauci. This is not science, this is scientism.”

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