Trump Calls It Like He Sees It: Dumb and Embarrassing

President Joe Biden has been under serious scrutiny since the nightmare that was the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Former President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that it was the “dumbest and most embarrassing thing that ever happened in the U.S.”

On Fox Nation’s “The Dan Bongino Show,” Trump first talked about ongoing issues at the southern border where a never-before-seen number of migrants are pouring into the region, overwhelming border patrol, and local law enforcement.

Trump, who worked hard for strict border control during his time in office, said that what had once been the “strongest border in the history of the whole country” has now become the weakest.”

“You know, the only thing that makes it look better is the catastrophe of Afghanistan, because that’s probably even dumber than what they did on the border, and I don’t even think the word probably. I think it’s the dumbest, most embarrassing thing, ever to happen in this country with respect to the military or whatever element you want to call it….diplomatic.”

“Nobody’s ever seen such stupidity. Nobody has ever seen anything like it,” Trump exclaimed.

In the meantime, Biden’s poll numbers are rapidly falling.

Biden has been bombarded by bipartisan criticism for weeks concerning the way he handled the tumultuous evacuation and withdrawal from Afghanistan and the rise in COVID cases due to the nationwide spread of the delta variant, as a result, the president’s approval ratings are falling.

Forty-four percent of Americans questioned in an ABC News/Washington Post poll released this weekend said they approve of the job Biden is doing in the White House that’s down six points since June.

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