Amber Heard GUILTY Of Editing Alleged Abuse Photos

The photos of Amber Heard’s bruising which were presented as evidence during the defamation trial were edited, according to expert testimony on Wednesday.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers called Bryan Neumeister, a digital forensics expert to the stand as a rebuttal witness in the ongoing defamation trial. Neumeister was asked to analyze several photographs taken during the couple's relationship, showing bruises on Heard’s face and arms. Heard’s legal team had presented the photos as evidence of alleged physical abuse by Depp.

Neumeister, a metadata expert, said his examination showed that some of the photos “showed that the software for the file was not from an iPhone, but that it was rendered in an editing program.”

Neumeister said the pictures he had analyzed were screengrabs, meaning that they had not come directly from the iPhone that captured them, meaning the data was altered.

“There’s no way to authenticate any photo that was presented in the way the evidence was collected,” Neumeister said.

The metadata expert also testified that one photo in particular, which appears to show a bruise on Heard’s arm, “had to go through some type of transformation to change sizes” and that the three files “don’t match forensically.” Neumeister said that he believed several photographs had been modified, according to Newsweek.

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