ANTIFA Militants Charged With Conspiracy After Series Of Attacks

California prosecutors are charging at least 11 Antifa militants with conspiracy to commit a riot in a rare instance of the group being considered as a criminal organization by the justice system.

Police arrested eight people in southern California on Thursday who allegedly committed violent criminal acts against people participating in a pro-Trump “Patriot March” in January. Some of the suspects face additional charges related to the use of tear gas and animal cruelty.

Seven individuals were arraigned on Monday, three others are still facing charges and one man, 37, has a warrant out for his arrest.

Prosecutors claimed the group attacked at least 16 people with some of the victims being sprayed with bear spray. Seven of the suspects that were arrested Friday were charged with assault. Prosecutors said the group self-identified as “anti-fascists.”

Jonathan White, an Antifa member, is facing charges of conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon, use of tear gas not in self-defense, and animal cruelty.

The prosecutor’s depiction of the attacks closely matched videos that are available to the public of a man dressed in black attacking a man and a dog with pepper spray as well as an additional 12 black-clad men assaulting protesters with a lawn chair, pepper-spraying a man directly in the face, and beating a woman down with a flag pole.

Several of the men are seen in the video carrying Antifa flags, most of them are dressed in all black including face coverings.

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