Biden Bails As Tensions In Afghanistan Reach A Breaking Point

Republican members of Congress chastise President Biden for vacationing at Camp David while the Taliban are taking over Afghanistan.

On “Sunday Morning Futures, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan wanted to know, “Why is Biden on vacation?” he further stated, “I don’t think he’s taken one question from the press this entire weekend, so this is a frightening situation.”

As Fox News confirmed on Sunday morning, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country at the same time as Taliban fighters descended on Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.

Both House Democrats Cotton and Beobert posted comments on Twitter about the way the Biden administration for the way they have handled the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Colorado Representative, Lauren Boebert chastised the President for “dereliction of duty.” Both New York Rep Elise Stefanik and Rep Jim Banks voiced agreement with Boebert.


Camp David has been visited by U.S. presidents for work and relaxation purposes. Camp David is thoroughly equipped with secure video-conferencing capabilities. White House press secretary Jen Psaki commented last week that President Biden “likes Camp David.” “It’s a place to be outside, spend time with family and certainly has beautiful scenery there,” she further commented.

President Biden speaks with Vice President Kamala Harris and members of his national security team from Camp David in Maryland, Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021. (Photo: White House)
President Biden speaks with Vice President Kamala Harris and members of his national security team from Camp David in Maryland, Sat)

On Sunday, a White House official reported to Fox News that the President had “spoken to members of his National Security team on the situation in Afghanistan and will continue to receive updates and be briefed throughout the day.”

Rep Jordan said he believed that nothing this “crazy” has been witnessed in foreign policy since the Vietnam War, referencing the shocking culmination at the Saigon embassy, where Americans had to be evacuated from a rooftop by helicopter in 1975.

“Let’s hope we can protect American lives. But this would not happen. This would not happen if President Trump was in the White House. We know that we would not be treated the way we are from our adversaries,” Jordan said. “We would not have what took place up in Anchorage, Alaska, a few months ago where Secretary Blinken was treated the way he was by his Chinese counterpart. That just would not happen when you project strength and confidence from the White House. But unfortunately, we don’t have that today.”

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