Biden Makes A HUGE Mistake By Insulting Special Guests At The White House

If I had a dollar for every embarrassing gaffe President Biden committed I could afford to buy a new washing machine. What started as random moments of apparent dementia has become nearly an everyday occurrence.

We’ve seen the 78-year-old President trip, slip, mumble, forget where he is, and not even know who he was talking to. The latest instance being earlier this week when Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited the White House and Biden had no idea who she was.

In 2020, when Joe Biden was running for president, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was reportedly close to becoming Biden’s running mate.

The president referred to the Democrat as “Jennifer,” according to a report.

“Thank you, Jennifer, for what you’ve done,” Biden told Whitmer during an online meeting about the Democrats’ $1 trillion infrastructure bill, according to the Detroit Free Press. Biden was returning a compliment after Whitmer had thanked him for leading the effort to get the bill passed, the report said.

Biden did appear to forget the name of Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, referring to him as “Governor who?” but only as an insult after Desantis criticized the possibility of federal mandates regarding the coronavirus.

However, that wasn’t the first time Whitmer had been called “Jennifer” while appearing at a public event.

When Whitmer was running for governor in 2018, her Republican opponent, former Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, had gotten her name wrong during a debate – and Whitmer didn’t like it, the report said.

“Learn my name,” Whitmer snapped at Schuette, according to the report.

Both politicians may have confused the current Governor with Jennifer Granholm, Michigan’s former governor from 2003 to 2011.

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