Biden Panics When Asked About Stranded Americans And Flees From Reporters

On Monday, President Joe Biden held a brief press conference giving updates on the White House’s efforts against the coronavirus and that was the only thing he was willing to talk about.

Since the withdrawal of the U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban seized the country, leaving American and Afghan allies trapped there who are desperately trying to leave. Biden continues to avoid answering questions about the situation.

As a reporter asked him, “How many Americans are left in Afghanistan, Mr. President?” Biden turned and walked away from the podium.

The Pentagon finally admitted it did not know just how many American citizens were left in Afghanistan. Former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEneny called the administration out for failing to provide Americans with answers and for not following through on promises to hold daily briefings for the duration of the crisis.

“One of the most obvious questions is how many Americans are on the ground. He didn’t take up the time to pick up the phone and call Secretary of State Antony Blinken and get that number for us when you are the one place we are getting information from today when there are nearly 15,000 American hostages on the ground?” McEnany said of the Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

McEnany: Biden ‘misleading’ on Afghanistan collapse, Americans deserve answers

“The president’s backside is rapidly becoming the defining image of this administration,” Capital Research’s Michael Watson tweeted. Biden has been branded by many as “Walkaway Joe.”

Last week the scene was very much the same when Biden addressed the nation on COVID-1 and he simply turned his back and walked away when asked about the foreign policy debacle.

“Joe Biden again turns his back on Americans who want questions answered while he Taliban. Shameful.” editor Katie Pavlich tweeted.

“Oh my gosh he legitimately came out, talked for 15 minutes about a topic nobody is currently asking about, then leaves WITHOUT TAKING QUESTIONS. Unmitigated disaster,” GOP strategist Matt Whitlock said.

The few times the president has answered questions about the crisis in Afghanistan, he’s been visibly irritated, often defensive, somewhat inconsistent, and seemingly confused. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last week, Biden claimed that intelligence gave no indication that the Afghan government would quickly collapse–despite reports indicating the opposite. He also maintained that his advisors did not encourage him to delay the troop withdrawal, although reports reveal that they had.

Biden continued to make many misleading remarks during the press conference, including that international allies have not lost confidence in U.S. leadership in the wake of the disaster in Afghanistan.

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