Bill’s Twisted Relationships With Employees Was A Major Factor In The Divorce

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, reportedly made multiple attempts of fraternization towards the women employed at his foundation and computer company.

Gates and his wife, Melinda, announced their divorce earlier this month in a lengthy joint video statement published on their social media accounts. Bill’s pursuit of other women was one of the main contributing behaviors that pushed the relationship with his wife to the breaking point.

“Multiple people said that during their marriage, Mr. Gates engaged in work-related behavior that they said was inappropriate for a person at the helm of a major publicly-traded company and one of the world’s most influential philanthropies,” the Times reported.

In 2006, Gates asked a female Microsoft employee out to dinner over email after hearing her give a presentation earlier in the day. “If this makes you uncomfortable, pretend it never happened,” Gates wrote in the email.

The constant attempts at affairs earned Gates a reputation around Microsoft and the foundation. As the Times reports:

Six current and former employees of Microsoft, the foundation, and the firm that manages the Gates’s fortune said those incidents, and others more recently, at times created an uncomfortable workplace environment. Mr. Gates was known for making clumsy approaches to women in and out of the office. His behavior fueled widespread chatter among employees about his personal life.

Bridgitt Arnold, the spokeswoman for Gates, has denied that Gates ever mistreated his employees. But Arnold has also denied the reports surrounding Gate’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

“It is extremely disappointing that there have been so many untruths published about the cause, the circumstances and the timeline of Bill Gates’s divorce,” Arnold told the Times. “Your characterization of his meetings with Epstein and others about philanthropy is inaccurate, including who participated.”

“Similarly, any claim that Gates spoke of his marriage or Melinda in a disparaging manner is false. The claim of mistreatment of employees is also false,” Arnold added. “The rumors and speculation surrounding Gates’s divorce are becoming increasingly absurd, and it’s unfortunate that people who have little to no knowledge of the situation are being characterized as ‘sources.’”

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